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Not just quilt patterns

You’ll find so much more than quilt patterns at Quilters Warehouse.  Here’s a sampling.

A scrapbook cover and totebag. Aren’t these just the cutest?! So festive. Use your buttons (you know you have a stash) or embellish your own way.
And for a baby. What new mom wouldn’t like this?  Both of these are by Briarwood Cottage, who also has a couple Block of the Month quilts, and several books.

Good Intentions has several sweatshirt projects, including this patriotic sweatshirt. There are a couple flower patterns, a couple winter patterns.

And this Log Cabin Sweatshirt. At Good Intentions you will also find several “Laps From Fats” quilt patterns and several books.



Cookie’s Creations has several pincushion patterns including these adorable chickens – so cute!  There are pumpkin pincushions in three different sizes and baby shoe pincushions.

Cookie’s Creations  has a count down calendar for Halloween with pockets for treats and pockets for photos.  Your little trick-or-treaters will love it.   It’d make a great holiday decoration.   You will also find a few quilt patterns including one that is a tribute to chemo survivors made out of bandanas.

Then there is Sew Baby, gee, I wonder what they have?  So many baby projects!  And most of the projects are unique.  There are cloth books, hooded animal towels, stuffed animals with attached blankets, bath puppets, bibs, car seat covers and more!

We’re quilters at heart but most of us enjoy other projects, too, and there’s no lack of projects available . . . check them out!

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Hello, my name is…

I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself.  I’ve been writing for Quilters Showcase since the end of June and have been having a great time doing so.  I am Kathleen (Kathy, Kath, whatever) and I’ve been quilting for about five years.  One morning I stumbled on the show “Simply Quilts” on HGTV and watched every show after that. I was hooked. I remember when I walked into Prarieland Quilts for the first time.  So much fabric, so many quilts displayed, so many patterns and books and notions.  The sales person suggested that a log cabin quilt would be a good place to start.  After choosing A Quilt In A Day by Eleanor Burns I was so excited I nearly left the store without paying for the book.  The next day I was back to select fabric… fun, fun, fun.  A quilt in a day was a bit of an exaggeration for me.  More like a quilt in a few months… I learn slowly!  But what fun.  After making all the blocks I laid them out on a bed to decide which layout I liked best.  It amazed me how the same blocks laid out in different ways could change the look of the quilt so much.  After literally hours of playing around, I decided on the “barn raising” layout.  Finally the top was finished and it was time sandwich the quilt, then actually quilt the quilt…. I did a simple stitch-in-the-ditch.  Start to finish my first quilt probably took 6 to 8 months and it’s far from perfect but has been in use in one of our guest bedrooms ever since and I’ve haven’t been without a few works-in-progress at all times since.  Most of my quilts are pieced; only one or two have been appliqued – I want to try more applique and some paper piecing.  I’ve made and given several baby quilts (what a special feeling to be able to make a quilt for a grandchild) and a few lap quilts. I’ve made wallhangings and placemats and queen size quilts. I got tired of cramming my larger quilts in my sewing machine to quilt them, so I purchased a Grace Quilting Frame and another Janome machine to go with it… I LOVE IT!!! When Project Linus day at the shop comes around I make a quilt ahead of time ’cause I never seem to be able to attend.  I’ve been putting tops together for Marine Comfort Quilts, and making blocks to donate to MCQ.  I’ve been buying patterns, and fabric and thread and planning and sewing and quilting and loving it all.  Quilters Showcase has opened a whole new world of patterns to me and I keep seeing more and more projects I want to try!  I’m on the list for the On Point block of the month and we’ll talk more about that in a few days.  Well, that’s enough about me… if you’re reading the blog, feel free to introduce yourself or leave a comment or ask a question (use the “add comment” button at the top of the post)… it would be great to hear from you.  Happy Quilting!  ….Kathleen

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Birth of a Black Cat Creations Pattern – 2

So, you’ve picked out all your fabrics, drawn a dynamite design and stitched it to perfection. Now what?Our patterns begin with a finished sample. In this case a purse – or a few of them. We like to work on this part first (before getting into the instructions) because it takes weeks to have the covers printed. While those are being printed, then we get into the guts of the pattern.

Let’s start with our newest creation, The ClaudieJo Bag. They were designed by Claudia Atchison and Jody Rosenhauer (hence the name). They’re made using charm squares and each bag is a mini art creation on it’s own. Naming a pattern can be a tricky process in itself. Sometimes you have the name before the sample is started. Other times, it takes hundreds of suggestions to get to the final name.

You need some variety when you have small items like these, plus you really want to show people the many possibilities. The first step is a photo of the sample. No problem, right? Well, not always. The lighting and setting needs to be just right. We tried several different settings – on a cute hall tree, flat on the ground and hung on a wall.

cjb-blog-3.jpg cjb-blog-2.jpg


We thought the hall tree set up was great because you could see all of the purses at once. But, it was too busy, the background didn’t work, and you couldn’t see the purses up close……… What about the purse on the wall? Well, we just didn’t like how the handles looked…. So the winner was, the purse photo on the ground (center). We played around with handle positions and got some good shots.The next step in this process is designing the cover of the pattern using our photos. Our next blog will begin that process. Be sure to check back in next week….

Want to know what’s new with us the minute it’s developed? Then sign up now for our email updates.

amy and judy
Amy Cotham & Judy Reynolds
Black Cat Creations

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Birth of a Black Cat Creations Pattern, #1

Ever wonder what goes into the creation of a quilt pattern? Think it’s a snap? Well, over the next few weeks, we’ll share that process with you – or at least our process. Each person’s is different.

For us, the creation of a pattern can start with a doodle on graph paper or playing around on a quilt design program. Once inspiration came from a tile floor in a bathroom. Sometimes it’s the fabric that inspires us. The manufacturers today do a great job of creating gorgeous lines of fabrics that just leave us drooling. We have folders of designs that have never made it to the cutting table because they just didn’t work or we were waiting for just the right fabrics to come along. You start cutting and piecing and you know instinctively when something is good and will appeal to other people. Those are the ideas that come to life.

A big part of our inspiration are the quilt shops. Having worked in shops, we know what they need to sell fabric and lots of it. A good pattern can do that for them. They are trying to sell the fabrics put out there by the manufacturers – the same fabric that inspires us. It’s our job to make a product that will not only sell for us, but will also sell fabric for the quilt shops and the manufacturers. We all sort of depend on each other.

And, yes, we design patterns because it’s just fun, but also because we want to put a little money away. It’s been great to do something we love and be able to do it while raising kids and running a household. To be honest, Judy and I just wanted to be able to buy fabric whenever we wanted without dipping into the household stash. I think you can say we’ve accomplished that and more.

Once you have an idea that you think is doable, then comes the fun. Picking fabrics and deciding just how you’re going to put this thing together so that anyone can pick up your pattern and make one just like yours. No problem? Not always. Sometimes a design looks nothing like it’s original concept once your finished. They evolve and take on a life of their own.

Stay tuned. Each week we’ll make a new blog entry that will take you into the actual steps of creating the finished product – a completed pattern.

Amy Cotham & Judy Reynolds

Black Cat Creations

Amy and Judy

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Tough day at the QuiltersWarehouse office

We usually don’t say much about what goes on behind the scenes around here but yesterday was an unusual one.  Around 10:00am we had a complete system crash.  Our web site, and phone order system was down until around 6:00pm last night.

It was a trying day around here with our fate in the hands of “IT Geeks”,  you got to love’em.   A special thank you goes out to the staff at Pavey & Associates and e2 Solutions.  Their dedication to ensuring that our customers get their quilt fix is outstanding.

Our appologies to those of you who tried to login for your daily viewing of quilt patterns, books and all things ‘quilty’.   All should be well today (Hurray!)

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Miniature Sewing/Quilt Room in a Box

There are so many great fabric related things going on around the web.  Joan Hawley from Lazy Girl Designs wrote to tell us about a miniature sewing/quilt room in a box that she shares on her blog.

Here’s Joan:

“John, I thought you might want to share this with your fabric-crafting readers. I think anyone who creates with a sewing machine will enjoy this.

I have to tell you about some pictures a friend sent me the other day. It all started when I saw a post on Pamdora’s Box about a miniature art gallery dollhouse.  Well, I told my friend Penny Deckard, of The Cotton Vault about it and she emailed to tell me about a quilt-themed gift box she made for a friend.  When I saw the pictures, I told Penny it was too cute to keep to herself and I asked her to consider sharing this fabulous cutie with all of us and to tell us more about the project. Here’s the gift box with the lid sitting off to the side:


Here’s what Penny had to say about the project:

“This gift box quilting scene was so fun to make. My friend owns a quilt shop & I have a quilting web store so it has become difficult to give gifts that don’t involve fabric. I go to a doll shop every Saturday & we make dolls/clothes, 2 years ago one of the ladies showed us her Christmas box & we were all off & running. I wish I had pictures of the others, a few are being made this year. I love playing with miniatures, I wish I had the patience for a miniature quilt (someday). Anyway she likes the Victoriana look, it all folds up into a gift box. Hubby wired the entire thing so the tree lights up & the candles on the mantle. It was fun fun! Thought you might like it.”


I love the details. Look at that kitty stretching on the rug. There’s a project in progress at the sewing machine. And the bolts of fabric, too! Click on each picture for a larger view.


I wish my sewing room was as nice and neat as this Victorian fantasy.  If this was a model of my sewing room there would be one inch of ‘stuff’ all over the floor with a narrow foot path throughout. Note to self – clean sewing room!”   

What, no peanuts on the floor?   Thanks Joan for sharing this with us.