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Fabric Clubs – A Great Christmas Gift

If you are looking for a great gift for a special person, a Fabric Club will give all year. Or suggest it to your spouse to give to you – he’ll love it as there’s no roaming the mall and it’ll be a gift you’ll loveover and over again – every month!

There are several from which to choose . . .

…and several more.The clubs offers a choice of the fabric cut: fat quarters, half yard cuts, yard cuts. Each club gives 5 cuts of the size you choose, with the exception of the Marble Club which is 4 pieces. Every month you will receive your choice cuts about the same time of the month and every attempt will be made to not duplicate a piece of fabric in a twelve month period. Your stash will grow and grow . . . unless of course, you sew and sew!

Then there is the Ugly Duckling Fabric Club. For only $13.49 you will receive 3 yards of fabric in various sizes: quarter yards, half yards, fat quarters. All fabrics are quality 100% cotton and will include florals, prints, solids, and designer fabrics. All fabrics that have been sold in the store – so you know they are not really ugly!Good fabrics, a surprise and all for less than half price – what a deal!

So if you know a certain someone who hasn’t shopped for you yet, copy and paste this link: an e-mail to them… hint, hint.

Or, treat yourself!

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