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Proud Sponsors of the Joey and Rory Show

Closed captioning for the Joey and Rory Show is being provided by QuiltersWarehouse.com

joey and rory2

The Joey and Rory Show Season 2 started airing Jan 4th.  The first episode of this season tells the story of how their music career began.   New shows air on Friday nights 9pm ET.  If you happen to miss Friday night’s show, you can also catch it on Saturday at 7 am ET, Sunday at 9:30 pm ET, Monday at 2 pm ET, and Monday at Midnight ET.   FamilyNet is also playing the show.

Episodes include plenty of music from Joey+Rory, new stories, new quest artists, new recipes and more, more, more!  The show has a down home flavor, and will leave you smiling.  Filmed on location in Pottsville, Tennessee, you’ll see where Joey and Rory have been living life, raising kids, and making music.

Take a break from your quilting and check out their show.  You’ll be glad you did!


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