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Quilters Warehouse – NEW and IMPROVED Website!

The Quilters Warehouse website has been totally updated.  There is a whole new look with just enough of the old to make you feel comfortable.  As with anything new there were a few days of glitches and adjustments but the “breaking in” period seems to be mostly over and TAH DAH!!!!!  Enjoy!  Here’s some highlights . . .

John says “…finding what you are looking for is easier.  Along the left side you’ll find a link to every fabric manufacturer and pattern company.  This means you can go right to your favorite and look at all they have to offer.”

“We’ve widened the pages so that you get full use of your screen.  And we’ve managed to fit many more images on each page.  As always, just click on an item that you are interested in and you’ll get more details.  You can then use the left or right arrows to scroll through the rest of the items or use the up arrow to go back to the page you started on.” 

If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for there are a couple of ways to browse.  The links under “Browse Categories” will open up a page of categories.  Some of these are categories you might not have thought of and they are an excellent source of inspiration. 

Another way to browse is to use the links in the red bar at the top.  These will open a whole new treasure chest of items to explore.    Also, at the bottom of the page you will see a list of popular links – see where these take you.  Some of these links can also be found at the top of the page (right side) under the “Special Interest” heading.

You’ll notice changes when it comes time to order too. 

“We’ve streamlined the checkout process and made it easier.  Adding an item to your cart won’t take you away from your shopping.  You’ll be able to continue browsing and shopping and not review your cart until you want to”  says John.   “Updating your cart is quicker, too” 

Sewing Machines, Fabric, Kits, and Quilt Patterns galore! Go ahead and check out the new Quilters Warehouse website. And tell us what you think.

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