Vintage Autumn Embroidery

Vintage Autumn is a collection of 16 Halloween designs by Chick-A-Dee Hollow.  The designs are pre-printed and pre-colored.  All you do is add the embroidery to bring them to life.  Each one measures approximately 4″ x 5″ and they make a beautiful grouping.



Scare E Crow thinks he is doing his job.  It seems he is oblivious to the crow on his head!





The moon is looking rather dapper, wouldn’t you say?  Little Mittens the kitty is just looking for trouble I think.







Is that Mittens hiding behind the hat?





It looks like Lil Goblin‘s treat bag is full – the candy is start to overflow.  I love the little feet poking out of the bottom of the costume.  So cute.




Hmmm.  Zelda doesn’t have any feet?!  Trick-or-treater or real goblin?





These are great little take along projects.  After the embroidery you can add embellishments.



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