New quilting patterns December 13, 2006 at

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New Quilting patterns introduced at this week include Kitables-Flag from Legacy;  Wavy Woven Jacket from Carolyn’s Creative Designs;  Art From The Heart by Just Imagine Designs;  Dainty Floral from Thistledown & Co.;  Royaltry from Cross-Cuts; Sugar Maple Coasters/Trivets from Chick-A-Dee Hollow;  Table For Two from TyQuilts Designs;  Garden Path from Innovations;  A Holiday Scrapbook from Brandywine Design; and Star Trails from Black Cat Creations.   All of these patters may be purchased from QuiltersWarehouse.

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Chickadee Hollow Designs, designing inspiration

Recently I had a conversation with Carol Steffensen of Chickadee Hollow Designs, what she told me I thought you would find interesting as to how she got started in the Quilt and needle art design business.


Even though she doesn’t remember exactly when, in her mind Carol has been designing for a long time.  She has always been an artist and for many years painting and drawing were her choice of medium.  As a young girl, she grew up with a mother who was a quilter and learned early on the joy of a needle, thread, and a piece of fabric.  After devoting 40 years to the nursing career, 3 years to owning a quilt shop, Carol started designing quilt and stitchery patterns.  Her first designs were released in the fall of 2003, and as of today she has 18 quilting patterns, 6 wool patterns and 6 stitchery patterns , plus a number of embroidery patterns. She distributes her pattern through 5 different distributors, one of which is Quilters Warehouse and has her own website that features her pattern business.
Carol also shared that she gets her inspiration from many different life events.  Most often it comes from nature, the environment, or something she dreams about.  “Many times it is when I lay in bed at night that I create my next pattern idea” she said, “It seems like that is the time of day when it is most quiet and I can tune into my inner self.”  She also said she has definite times when the “creative juices” are flowing and the biggest problem she has then is having the time to get them down on paper or into sample form.

Carol makes all of her own samples. Sometimes they start on graph paper, sometimes they start with a strip of fabric and just sitting at the sewing machine.  Her stitchery and embroidery patterns are all from her drawings and reflect her “country charm” style.  She also has a big interest in vintage type designs and has spent quite a bit of time trying to achieve the vintage look in her embroidery patterns and has figured out a way to produce them so that the image is colorfast and has that “little bit of color” look to them.  Carol believes that she has a photographic mind and sometimes dreams in color.  She said she dreamt about a complete line of 30′s fabrics one night and that if she shuts her eyes she can still see what they looked like.

While she has not designed any fabrics at this point , it is not out of the realm of possibilities.  “I not sure I’m ready to go down that road yet, but will keep the 30′s line in mind when I am” she said.  “There are so many wonderful fabric designers out there that I am still having a lot of fun playing around with them for now.”

Autumn Charms

Carol thinks that “sometimes, necessity is the mother of invention,” and that is why she came up with one of her newest designs.  “I had a couple of little end tables that were too small for any runner patterns I could find, so I designed a couple!”  These patterns fit her tables so she published a fall version and now has released a Christmas version.  Carol thinks of them as a “quilted version of a doilie”

Christmas Table Charms
The sizes for these Table Charms measure from 7 inches to 18 inches. They make great little charms for your accent tables or under candles, etc. They also make great, quick little gift ideas.

Carol is working on a Springtime Table Charms pattern as well to be released soon.  She loves what she is doing and being self-employed gives her the best opportunity to be able to spend time with her three children and six grandchildren and hopefully get around to going on some fishing trips with her husband. 

I really enjoyed my conversation with Carol and got to know her a little better.  She has been with QuiltersWarehouse for a number of years and continues publishes wonderful patterns.  You can see her entire line of quilting and stitchery patterns here.

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Miniature Sewing/Quilt Room in a Box

There are so many great fabric related things going on around the web.  Joan Hawley from Lazy Girl Designs wrote to tell us about a miniature sewing/quilt room in a box that she shares on her blog.

Here’s Joan:

“John, I thought you might want to share this with your fabric-crafting readers. I think anyone who creates with a sewing machine will enjoy this.

I have to tell you about some pictures a friend sent me the other day. It all started when I saw a post on Pamdora’s Box about a miniature art gallery dollhouse.  Well, I told my friend Penny Deckard, of The Cotton Vault about it and she emailed to tell me about a quilt-themed gift box she made for a friend.  When I saw the pictures, I told Penny it was too cute to keep to herself and I asked her to consider sharing this fabulous cutie with all of us and to tell us more about the project. Here’s the gift box with the lid sitting off to the side:


Here’s what Penny had to say about the project:

“This gift box quilting scene was so fun to make. My friend owns a quilt shop & I have a quilting web store so it has become difficult to give gifts that don’t involve fabric. I go to a doll shop every Saturday & we make dolls/clothes, 2 years ago one of the ladies showed us her Christmas box & we were all off & running. I wish I had pictures of the others, a few are being made this year. I love playing with miniatures, I wish I had the patience for a miniature quilt (someday). Anyway she likes the Victoriana look, it all folds up into a gift box. Hubby wired the entire thing so the tree lights up & the candles on the mantle. It was fun fun! Thought you might like it.”


I love the details. Look at that kitty stretching on the rug. There’s a project in progress at the sewing machine. And the bolts of fabric, too! Click on each picture for a larger view.


I wish my sewing room was as nice and neat as this Victorian fantasy.  If this was a model of my sewing room there would be one inch of ‘stuff’ all over the floor with a narrow foot path throughout. Note to self – clean sewing room!”   

What, no peanuts on the floor?   Thanks Joan for sharing this with us.

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Kaye Wood streams into your computer!

Many of you may already know that Kaye Wood now has streaming videos! Right now, you can check out an episode of Kaye Wood assembling the Pinwheel Hearts quilt.

Pinwheel Hearts quilt pattern

Available from QuiltersWarehouse, this is the perfect pattern for beginners and advanced quilters. You can order the Pinwheel Hearts pattern and the View & Do Heart Shape along with all the other Kaye Wood products here.

Enjoy the program here! 

In January 2007, I understand that the all new will be launching This is actually a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Web Based Television Channel. It will be direct streaming video, On Demand, of quilting programs to your audience around the world at their leisure. No waiting for the show they want to see . . . just pick it from the play list and it plays right on their computer. No need to download, just click and watch.

I’m sure this will give you plenty to watch and do after the holiday season is over!

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Fall 2006 Quilt Market photos of designers and their new quilting patterns

Every year I take photos at the International Quilt Market of the Quilt Designers display booths whose products you can find in the QuiltersWarehouse catalog.  Designers were at Market showing their newest quilt patterns as well as refreshing our memories of their other favorites. 


Quilt Branch at Market

 I always try to get the designer in the photo if they are in the booth when I stopped by during this 3 day event.  The Quilt Branch (above) and Thistledown and Company (below) are just two of the 25 different designer photos you can see on our photo spread found here at QuiltersWarehouse. 

Thistle Down at market

I also saw that Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Deisgns and Gina Halladay of Quilters Buzz both have a number of posts on their blogs about what they each saw at this fall Market.  You should check them out.  Also, if you know of any other posts about Fall 06 Quilt Market that you would like to share, send us a comment about them.


Quilt Market Logo  International Quilt Market is sponsored by Quilts, Inc. and is a wholesale show for quilt shops.  It is the local quilt shops semi-annual conference where they can attend classes and shop the exhibit hall for fabric, tools, patterns and notions. 



Hope you enjoy the photos!  John Bruns, CEO


New Book From Lazy Girl Designs

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs emailed me today and shared a sneak preview of her upcoming book ‘Bold Bags’.  Joan is pretty excited about this new venture, so I’ll share her comments and some of what I read on her blog for our Quilters Showcase readers. 

“I am so excited about my new project with Leisure Arts (LA). LA approached me to do a book with their new line of faux leather and mock croc purse products.  I fell in love with the materials as soon as I started to play with them. 

Bold Bags Leisure Arts cover

The handles and the shoulder straps are the big news for our bag-loving fabric crafters because they are a new offering and will work with many designs already available in the maket.  Fashion handles have been readily available for a number of years, but the selection has been limited to hard, mold-injected models or beads strung on wire.  LA is offering faux leather handle pairs and mock croc shoulder straps.  LA also offers letter-sized sheets of the same faux leather and mock croc which are easy to cut and sew.

Bold Bags Leisure Arts cover

‘Bold Bags’ by Lazy Girl Designs from Leisure Arts book should be available in November 2006.  ‘Bold Bags’ contains 7 bag projects and suggested retail is $8.95, 32 pages, full-color.  The projects range from easy to intermediate.  And here’s the inside scoop on one detail – we introduce yet another easy and fantastic way to install a zipper!”

You can see the entire line of ‘Exclusively You’ faux leather and mock croc products from Leisure Arts at:

Thanks to Joan for that fabulous preview and I will keep you posted on when this book becomes available at Quilter’s Warehouse.  I also found that Gina has posted more information about Joan and her new book on Quilter’s Buzz.    And if that isn’t enought, Joan has even more detail about the project on her personal blog found here

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