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Memories to Cherish

With school in full swing, the countdown has begun. Eight months to go: Graduation! Senior year has officially started. In less than 300 days, their next chapter
<p class=”MsoNormal”> Senior
year will be the last of those “childhood memories” created before adulthood emerges
as reality and childhood is transformed into distant memories. The last time the team is together tasting
that sweet victory. The last time the
harmonies ring and soar in concert halls.
The last of the school dances that will end with the Senior Prom. The decisions that will be made of what to do
beyond graduation: go to college, enter the military, go to a trade or
vocational school, or enter the workforce fulltime. Whatever decisions are made in the next nine
months, there will always be the memories we cherish from our childhood.
<p class=”MsoNormal”> Not all
kids played sports or have the same family traditions, but we all have memories
that are near and dear to us. There are
memories that bring a smile and brighten our face. Maybe they create a warm, comfortable feeling
that no one can take away from them.
Give those memories or cherished feelings in the warmth of a special
<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center”><strong>For
your athlete or sports lover
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<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center”>For
the Love of the Sport
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<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center”>Or to
celebrate your athlete (available in 10 different sport themes)
<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center”><strong>For
your outdoor lovers
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<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center”>Pick
one of our many outdoor themes
<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center”><strong>For
your favorite college (colors) or team
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<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center” rel=”text-align:center”><strong>Embracing
hobbies, passions, or memories
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<p class=”MsoNormal” align=”center” style=”text-align:center”>Use
one of these panel patterns to make a quilt from those special t-shirts or
<p> Each one
of our children are unique. Make them a
quilt that is unique and meaningful as they are.

Bunny Doll Patterns for All Ages

Happy, fluffy, friendly bunny doll patterns… what’s not to like?!

Springtime Easter pattern

This adorable bunny says Welcome! Holding bunches of carrots and flowers (which you can either paint or make from fabric) bunny hangs out at your front door or on a wall, putting a smile on guests’ faces as they enter, and delights any children that come to visit.


Stuffed rabbit pattern


Old MacBunny has a farm and it looks like he is planting carrots.  Smart bunny!  The pattern for this adorable semi-jointed doll also includes the wire for his glasses.  And, since every farmer needs a wife . . . .


Farmer's Wife bunny doll pattern


Enter Ester MacBunny!  Her apron is on and it looks like she’s ready for anything, maybe gardening or baking some cookies for after lunch.  Who knows what the day will bring when you are a farmer’s wife?! Mary Kerr’s easy to follow instructions include several cute ideas for Ester’s accessories. And, again, the wire for Ester’s glasses is included with the pattern.



Bunny Doll pattern


Blossom Bunny is so very ready for Spring (me too! how about you?!) with her beautiful jacket sporting button and yo-yo flowers, embroidery, and applique.  Her hat has flowers, too.  The 8″ x 10″ inch “no stitch” sampler has a friendship poem and is embellished with yo-yo flowers.


Bunny Basket pattern

The Bunny Stuff pattern make a bunny doll holding a nice size bag that’s perfect for filling with treats.  Leave a bowl and decorate at the same time.  Or you can use the bunny as an Easter basket and fill it with candy and toys for your favorite little one.  Once they are finished with the contents, they can use the bowl to hold any little treasures they want to have handy.


Time’s a wastin’!  Hop to it and make a bunny doll . . . . or two, or three!

Sewing and Quilting for Dolls

Have you ever made doll clothes or accessories?  They are so cute, and are relatively quick to make, and they sure make the dolls’ mommies happy!

doll sleeping bag and backpack


My Camping Gear has instructions for a zippered sleeping bag and a backpack, both sized for an 18′ doll.  The backpack is so cute!  It has a zippered top, pockets on the side and a flapped pocket on the back.


Doll Tent


The Backwoods Bungalow works for “camping trips” in the backyard or for pretending in the bedroom.  Window flaps roll up for “air circulation” (and so you can peek inside).  There’s room for two, so dolly can invite a friend to go camping with her.


Wardrobe case for doll clothes


For the more style conscious doll, here’s a case that will hold her wardrobe when she travels.  It measures 20.5″ x 12″ x 8″ and has an elastic pocket for those loose items.  Also included in the pattern are instructions for an accessories bag with 12 pockets for shoes, purses, etc. and instructions for a garment bag.  Again, so cute!


Doll quilt patterns

You’ll find several patterns in Child’s Play.  The doll sized wall hanging boasts (in embroidery) “My First Quilt”.  Two more quilt patterns are sized at 22.5 x 26.5 and 11.75 x 15.75.  Plus there are instructions for pillows, a rope bed, mattress, and tea party napkins.  Lots of little projects to delight the little ones in you life!


So many of us learned to sew by making doll clothes, before graduating to full sized clothes and quilts.  Have fun with these patterns, reminisce about your first sewing days, and share the fun with a new sewer.

Halloween Quilt Patterns

Halloween is such a fun, no responsibility holiday…. just decorations, costumes, and candy!  No big meal to prepare or gifts to wrap…. just ghosts, goblins, and treats!  Here’s a few pattern suggestions to help you with the decorating.

Twister Jack



Twister Jack Quilt Kit comes with the pattern and all the fabric needed for the top and the binding.  You just need the batting and the backing – you probably have that laying around your sewing room, right?  This happy Jack-o-Lantern measures 24″ x 26″.




Welcome Halloween


Hang this delightful Welcome Halloween wall hanging on your front porch to let the trick-or-treaters know they are welcome.  Maybe they’ll be so wrapped up in the trick-or-treating ghost that you can sneak in a quick “BOO!” before passing out the treats!


3D Halloween decorations


Pumpkin Blossom Babies lets you decorate pumpkins that you can use year after year… no spoilage!  From Bonnie Sullivan of All Through The Night designs, these cute happy pumpkins range in size from 14″ to 20″.  So cute!


Pumpkin and cat halloween quilt pattern



Aside from “BOO“, what says Halloween more than a pumpkin and a black cat?!  This 22″ x 17″ pattern can be hand or machine appliqued.


Vintage Autumn

Check out all 16 of the Vintage Autumn designs from Chick-A-Dee Hollow…. adorable!  They are pre-printed and pre-colored 4″ x 5″ designs; you add embroidery and embellishments.  Make a few now, and add to your collection each year.

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you . . . Trick or Treat!

Becky And Me – Happy Little Quilt Patterns!

Becky and Me quilt patterns are suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Easy to follow instructions assure a quilting success.

Flowers in a watering can


Spring is captured in this log cabin framed quilt with a blooming flowers in a watering can. This 16″ square, cheerful quilt works as a wall hanging, a pillow, or part of a larger quilt.


Log cabin quilt block with center applique



Do you know any high school seniors that are headed to college next year?  Kitties might be a cute pillow for them to take with, especially if they have a kitty that they have to leave behind.  Another 16″ square project (Becky and Me has lots of these!) it will also work as a wall hanging.


Applique over the head baby bib

Becky’s Bibs offers instructions in two sizes – 11″ infant & 14″ toddler.  The ribbed neckline is comfy and the appliques are cute! Alphabet applique is included so you can personalize the bibs. Great shower or new baby gift. The Flannel Softs Quilt Pattern includes these bibs and a pattern for a hooded receiving blanket.


Scrappy red white and blue stuffed bear


Isn’t this little Sailor Bear adorable?!  Measuring 16″ tall, he’s fat quarter friendly and made from pieced squares. Becky suggests that you could also use pieces of old quilts.  Hmm, maybe even old clothes? Whatever you use, he is sure to be loved by someone special.


Today’s post focus was on little projects but, if you browse all the Becky and Me patterns, you’ll see several lap sized and larger quilts… most of them cheerful!

Halloween Patterns

Though it’s still warm, summer is over.  The kids are back to school and the weather will be changing soon.  And before we know it Halloween will be here.   Here’s some cute Halloween patterns.

Hang this Trick or Treat Banner on your front porch or in your window to let the neighborhood kids know that you are “open for business” – you have candy and are welcoming ‘trick-or-treaters’!  It’s a felted wool design with hand embroidery…. cute and colorful, and just a little wacky.

There’s quite a dance going on here with the Goofy Ghosts leading the way.  The Circle of Friends includes pumpkins, owls, bats and even the brooms are taking part, dancing around the center of black cats.  The applique can be done by hand or machine – your choice.

Little Quilts 2 Again! October Jacks

October Jacks is a quick, cute 12″ x 12″ project with a 3D look to it.  The button bat, the eyes on the tree and even the rope on the fence give this quilt a unique look.

Would real Bats In The Belfry give you the shivers?  They would me!  I’ll take them contained in this table runner, thank you very much.  Instructions are included for place mats, too.  Perfect for a halloween party.

BFF Trick or Treat is one of a series of Thistledown’s unique “Swap-lique” patterns. The clothing and accessories can be all be changed.  Pattern includes 6 costumes, 5 hairdos and fun accessories.

Grab a glass of cider and browse the rest of the Halloween patterns.  Beware of the goblins!