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Quilt Puzzles – Large to Small

Long winter evenings are on the way and they are the perfect time for jigsaw puzzles.  What better subject for puzzles than quilts?!

These 1000 piece puzzles will keep you busy for many evenings.

Colorful quilt pile jigsaw puzzleCountry scene quilts on line puzzle

500 piece puzzles could be just right for a group effort and  a long weekend.

Shamrock quilt and countryside Jigsaw PuzzleOutside looking in with quilt jigsaw puzzle

For a quick finish, try any of these mini-puzzles.  Each one has just 100 pieces.  When you are finished you can use puzzle glue – instant mini-art!

quilt outdoor scene puzzleQuilt Sunflowers Birds jigsaw puzzle

Christmas Scene Jigsaw Puzzle

Visit the puzzle page for lots more puzzles of all different sizes.

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In The Mood For A Quilt Puzzle?

When you’ve had enough stitching (is that possible?!), puzzles about quilting are a great way to spend a winter evening . . . .

Who Left The Door Open


This room was packed even before the critters found their way in!  Who Left The Door Open seems to be a legitimate question.  I don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble telling the interlopers from the decorations!

1000 pieces; 20″ x 27″



Grandma's Rocker


Now isn’t this a peaceful looking scene?  Grandma went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea – she’ll be right back to Grandma’s Rocker.

1000 pieces; 20″ x 27″


quilting the land

Do you think this is Grandma’s view from her rocker?  Another peaceful (pieceful?) scene….Quilting The Land.

1000 pieces; 16″ x 34″


Winter Patchwork quilt puzzle

Winter Patchwork is a pretty scene, but just to look at! Wouldn’t you rather be inside “working” on sewing or a puzzle?!

1000 pieces;          19″ x 30″


Check out the rest of our Quilt Jigsaw Puzzles and enjoy a quiet winter evening or two.  Who knows? You might even get some inspiration for your next quilt from the puzzle you do!




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Amish Quilts – Simply Beautiful

Art for art’s sake is not found in a typical Amish home.  Amish quilts are one of the few forms of art acceptable in the Amish community and that is only because they serve a pratical purpose.  No wonder the women enjoyed expressing themselves as they made quilts for their families.  Over time, the quilts evolved from whole cloth with plenty of quilting to added cornersquares and finally color throughout.  Still simple, but beautiful in their simplicity. 

Historian, quilter, and noted expert, Rachel Thomas Pellman provides an information packed look at the development and tradition of Amish quilting in her book,  Amish Wall Quilts.  The distinctive quiltmaking characteristics of three different Amish communities are discussed.  You’ll learn details about how Amish women use quilting as a creative outlet.  Included are fifteen projects for wall quilts in the Amish style.



Almost Amish is less traditional, but still Amish inspired.  Three star blocks and tone on tone fabrics are used to create the beautiful, simple look.



Buggy By The Fence Rail uses the traditional rail fence block to provide a backdrop that looks like a country field.  The silhouette of a buggy is appliqued in the ‘field’.





And, for your puzzling pleasure, Amish Quiltscape Jigsaw Puzzle by SunsOut Puzzles. Relax and enjoy putting together this peaceful scene. Who knows, maybe it will be inspiration for your next quilt!


 When you are not quilting, be sure to enter our Pinterest contest and have a chance to win prizes!

To BEach Or Not To BEach

Are you heading to the beach this summer?  Not, and wish you were? 


Trade your normal commute to work for Rush Hour Traffic, Beach Style.  Dig into your stash to make these fish that don’t seem to mind the crowd.  All the gentle curves add wavy motion, and the button embellishments add dimension and whimsey.


                                                                                           Here’s another stash project.  Over a dozen flip flops surround the beach blanket that holds everything a beachgoer might need. Linda Zokan of Thistledown used batiks in Beach Walk and they look great!



How about a giant Fancy Flip Flop Pillow?  The kids will love these!  Take it to the beach (the straps make it easy to throw it over your arm or shoulder leaving your hands free to carry all your other stuff) or use it inside on the rainy days.  There are endless design possibilities!



 If you are going to the beach, you’ll need a way to carry all your stuff. My Beach Bag is a simple drawstring bag that you can whip up in no time at all.  The extra layers at the bottom add a little personality, and the rest of the pizzazz will come from the fabrics you choose. Go bold!





Want to try a different kind of piecing?   The whole family can spend time piecing Seaside Summer Jigsaw Puzzle.   Stay at home and still enjoy the beach.




Whether you are beach bound, wishing you were, or remembering past trips, I hope you are enjoying your summer.


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Wash Day – Quilts on Display

In the last post, all the talk about washing fabrics got me to thinking about “wash day” and clothes hanging on the line to dry.  I always love the look of clothes on a line and, depending on what clothes, it can make a great picture.   But the best is when the quilts are hanging.   One of my neighbors still uses a clothesline and occasionally the quilts are out.  I love it those days!

I found a few patterns that feature full clotheslines . . .

A Day At The Beach sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it?   Someone has already been swimming and their swimsuits are hanging out to dry.  This paper foundation pieced pattern by MH Designs is packed with detail, including a couple three dimensional effects with the kite tail and the clothesline.



It’s Quilter’s Wash Day with three beautiful quilts hanging between two bird house poles.  Another paper foundation pieced pattern by MH Designs.  The paper piecing technique will give you sharp point and near perfect looking quilts even working in such a small scale.  Finished size is 15″ x 20″



I’ve been working on the Periwinkle Lane blocks – I love them! – and I’m looking forward to Block 12.





I also found a few jigsaw puzzles with quilts on clotheslines…..



I’m so glad I have a dryer and don’t need to hang clothes or quilts outside in the winter time, but this sure is a pretty picture of Amish Winter.



This makes another pretty picture but with all the birds Meeting At The Clothesline it makes me a bit nervous….. I hope those birds respect that quilt!

Well, all these pictures and all this talk has got me in the mood.  No, not the do the wash, to quilt!