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Hopscotch, Vine Creek and Tuscan Wildflower.

As we put away our holiday fabrics for a while, we look for new projects and different fabrics to use. Here are a few suggestions…

HopscotchHopscotch by Red Rooster has light pink flowers on a bright pink background accented withgreen leaves in different shades.Paired with fabrics of multi-colored circles and a wavy green design from the same collection, you have just the right combination for a little girls quilt or a nice lap sized quilt to toss over a wicker love seat in a sun room.

Vine Creek by Kansas Troubles includes three different tone-on-tone almond / caramel / beige fabrics.Vine Creek Tone on Tone

And two simple large red floral prints, one with an almond background and the same floral print with a black background. And smaller red accent prints… one with red berries and one with tiny red flowers. Vine Creek red This collection of subtle fabrics with a punch of red would make a great lap quilt for a family room.

Tuscan flowers

Romantic, delicate blooms in pink with an occassionallight blue budon a light background and a large light blue flowers paired with pink daisy-like flowers on a black background are both a part of the Tuscan Wildflower collection.

Tuscan FusionsThese can be paired with the Fusions Blues and Pink and would make a pretty table topper for tea or a beautiful bed quilt for a guest bedroom.

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Fabric Clubs – A Great Christmas Gift

If you are looking for a great gift for a special person, a Fabric Club will give all year. Or suggest it to your spouse to give to you – he’ll love it as there’s no roaming the mall and it’ll be a gift you’ll loveover and over again – every month!

There are several from which to choose . . .

…and several more.The clubs offers a choice of the fabric cut: fat quarters, half yard cuts, yard cuts. Each club gives 5 cuts of the size you choose, with the exception of the Marble Club which is 4 pieces. Every month you will receive your choice cuts about the same time of the month and every attempt will be made to not duplicate a piece of fabric in a twelve month period. Your stash will grow and grow . . . unless of course, you sew and sew!

Then there is the Ugly Duckling Fabric Club. For only $13.49 you will receive 3 yards of fabric in various sizes: quarter yards, half yards, fat quarters. All fabrics are quality 100% cotton and will include florals, prints, solids, and designer fabrics. All fabrics that have been sold in the store – so you know they are not really ugly!Good fabrics, a surprise and all for less than half price – what a deal!

So if you know a certain someone who hasn’t shopped for you yet, copy and paste this link: an e-mail to them… hint, hint.

Or, treat yourself!

Sale – All! Christmas Patterns and Fabric

Yes, that’s right. All Christmas patterns and all Christmas fabric is on sale. 10% off when you use the code: 10CMAS at checkout. But hurry, this offer ends December 15. You have just a few days left!

Unless you are speed-sewer and have all your other Christmas work finished, you probably don’t have time to make too many more Christmas gifts. But you can take this opportunity to replenish your stash of Christmas fabric.

You’ll find subtle prints . . .

And bold prints. . .

And eveything in between.

And, while you have your Christmas decorations on display, this would be a good time to select a few Christmas patterns that would complement what you already have. There are patterns for tree skirts, stockings, and ornaments.

There are also wall hangings, dolls, table toppers, penny rugs and quilts all with Christmas themes.

So head on over to QuiltersWarehouse and don’t miss out!

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Monday Blues

We’re taking a break from Monday Madness and concentrating today on Monday Blues . . . patterns and fabrics.  Turn your Monday blues into a beautiful quilt.

Cornflower Blues is a 24″ x 28″ wallhanging that will help you through the winter with a promise of Spring flowers.

Gather your blue (and blue/green and blue/purple) scraps for Blue Sherbet.

Carol Hopkins, whose inspiration is Civil War era quilts, says this Uniform Blues quilt represents all the blues to be found on the battlefield. . .faded uniforms, new uniforms,  worn uniforms, soiled uniforms.  Jacob’s ladder blocks are surrounded by a pieced chain border to create 29″ square wall hanging.

And a few fun blue fabrics . . .

Medieval Medallions Blue

Midnight Cowboy Dots & Moon

Maisy Blue Stars

There are soooo many more blue fabrics and lots more quilt patterns to see.  Browse your blues away.

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“Cuppa” Tea Patterns

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cool autumn day.  Here’s a few quilt patterns that celebrate tea drinking.

This wall hanging of delicate Little Teapots can be embellished with doilies and teatowels.  You can also use cotton print fabrics.  Reverse applique is the method used for the teapots.  Designed by Ursula Riegel of Designs To Share With You with clear step-by-step instructions.

This Tea Cupboard has all the teapots, cups and saucers you’ll need and a cabinet to store them.  Use your scraps and have fun “designing” your own china.  This pattern will finish at 42″ X 60″ and uses paper piecing.

Tea Party is a delightful, bright table topper that you can make quickly and easily.  This wool felt project would make a perfect gift, either the pattern or the finished table topper, for that tea-drinking special friend.

Make a Tea Cozy and you can also make a trivet and runner to match.  The flower designs will make you feel like you have a little piece of Summer or Spring to hold you until the real thing returns!

Here’s a big project but you’ll love the finish.  Tea With Strawberries And Cream features twelve teapots with themes for each month of the year, plus six yummy recipes, such as Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Chocolate Scones.  Mmmm, is your mouth watering yet?

  And don’t these fabrics make you think of tea time?   Take a yard or two and add some greens or beiges and make your favorite pattern.

Ok, grab a “cuppa” tea and browse the rest of the quilt patterns.  Enjoy.