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Suns Out Quilt Jigsaw Puzzles

Suns Out has a variety of Quilt Jigsaw Puzzles. Here’s two with quilting as the main theme…

Morgan Weisling’s Quilting Bee brings you back in time to an old fashioned quilting bee with all the women, young and old, sitting around the quilt frame. You can almost hear them chatting away as they sew. And little brother is under the frame listening and probably pestering his sister.

Several prize-winning quilts are being admired by attendees in The Quilting Show Circuit Jigsaw Puzzle.

Several of the puzzles combine quilt images with landscapes. Here’s two of those…

Thequilt in Cactus FlowerAnd Quilt JigsawPuzzle uses colors found in the desert landscape.

In Floating Quilts Over Sisters Jigsaw Puzzle quilts hang on a line in the foreground while quilty hot air ballons float in the sky in the background. There are chairs just waiting for you to “set a spell” and maybe do some hand sewing.

And here’s one where the quilt IS the puzzle. Well, the quiltAND a couple of playful kitties. Wedding Rings And Kittens Jigsaw Puzzle has 1,000 pieces and looks challenging!

This was just a sampling. There are more than three dozen Quilt Jigsaw Puzzles to choose from.

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