Tea-lightful… In Progress

All the teacups are constructed.  Pretty quick and easy.  I have a little trouble with angle pieces when paper piecing but if I take my time I usually get it right.  The teacups look so pretty and delicate, don’t they?An extra little bit of fabric on each side of the bottom of the cups makes them look a bit rounded which I think makes the difference between a boxy looking cup and a delicate one.

The center block is finished too.  It’s a large piece of white fabric surrounded by a narrow strip of soft pink, then another strip of white.  It’s perfect to show off some quilting - I need to choose just the right quilting motif.  Any suggestions?

Next I get to play with the teacups, placing them around the center square until the most pleasing layout appears.   A little more sewing and I should be sandwiching and quilting later this weekend.

 UPDATE:   This is the Tea-lightful pattern by Thistledown & Co.   I’m working on it as we showcase Linda Zokan’s patterns for two weeks, along with giveaways and, in the second week, a discount on Thistledown patterns.  Plus Linda is hosting a “Quilt-a-long with Linda” on her blog.  Like us on Facebook and you’ll know right away when something new happens on the blog!


  • You’re moving right along and you did a great job playing with the colors.

  • Is there a pattern for the tea cups.
    they are very nice.They would be good for my group for and exchange.
    Thank You Irene

  • Your teacups are adorable!

  • Irene, Yes! there is a pattern. I should have included the link. It’s called Tea-lightful! and it is by Thistledown & Co. http://www.quilterswarehouse.com/p-6728-tea-lightful-by-thistledown-co.aspx

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