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Texture Magic

I have to admit, when I first heard about Texture Magic I was skeptical.  Texture Magic will tend to shrink the fabric you use with it by about 30%.   What?!  I want something that will cause my stash to grow not shrink!  But the results are so unusual.  It only takes a little bit to really add some pizzazz to any project.

If you’ve never used it, here’s some details.  It looks like a very thin curtain sheers, and is very wispy.   When you open the package and take your bit of “magic” out, it will have creases from being folded.  You’ll be tempted to iron it smooth.  DON’T!  And don’t worry about the wrinkles – they will all come out when you actually “activate” the “magic”.   So take your fabric and put the texture magic on the wrong side of the fabric.  If you want, for additional texture, you can add batting between the fabric and the texture magic.   Stitch on your fabric.  Have fun with it.  You can quilt straight lines, free motion meandering, or even one of your fancy stitches.   Then take it to the ironing board with the Texture Magic side up.  Set your iron to steam.   Holding your iron just above the Texture Magic steam the bejeepers out of it.  Steam, steam, steam.   Turn your piece over and see the “magic”.

Lisa’s Bag Purse Pattern is the quick and easy to make.   The flap and exterior pockets use Texture Magic to jazz it up.   It’s the perfect pattern to use to experiment with Texture Magic.

Texture Magic takes the Lizzie Purse Pattern by Claudia Atchison for Black Cat Creations from ordinary to extraordinary.   14″ x 9″ x 3.5″

Try Texture Magic once and you’ll come up with lots of ideas for using it.  Have fun!

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