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The Newest Purse and Bag Patterns

Purses and bags are like shoes… we can never get enough.  But purses are better because we can make them, and in doing so make them in our own style.  And have fun doing it!


Olivia is the newest bag from Me and My Sister Designs.  It’s super easy to sew and will look great in a wide variety of fabrics.  Doesn’t it look like it would be oh so comfy to wear, too?


This simple look is so striking…. and useful, too – the accent triangle is a pocket!  Inside the Candice bag you’ll find LOTS of pockets and compartments.  It’s from Lazy Girl Designs, so you’ll get lots of tips for easy construction with the directions, and you’ll probably learn a new trick or three!


Whether you are traveling across the country or just out and about town, the Baggalista is just the right bag to carry everything you’ll need to have handy.  There are five zippered storage areas, four interior storage pouches, a large zippered back pocket AND it works perfectly with the PortaPockets Insert.


This bag is the one to grab when you are running out for just an errand or two.  Grab the Bare Necessities, toss them in, and go!  You’ll whip either one of these up right quick.  Maybe both!  The larger bag is 9″ x 9″ x 3″ and the smaller one is 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″.

These are just a few of the newest patterns.  Check out the rest of the purse and bag patterns.  Grab a cup of coffee first - there are over 300 to browse through!

Seams & Dreams Quilt Patterns & So Much More

Kara Schorstein of Seams & Dreams has a wide variety of patterns.  Her quilt designs range from easy modern styles to rather intricate traditional pieces.  Whether you are a beginner quilter or have been quilting for a long time, Kara will have something for you.   And she hasn’t stopped at just quilts.  Several of her patterns are for aprons, skirts, jackets and home decor.

Marble Game uses marble fabrics to frame prints.   The fabric used for the sashing within the blocks is repeated in the narrow border.   Tiny contrasting corners in each block come together to create multi-colored diamond pieces.  This is a great quilt for you to use up some of your scraps. Instructions for crib size and queen size.

Kara Schorstein started with the traditional Irish Chain Block, modified it, and created Crossroads.  Two simple blocks that work together for a striking design.  Instructions are for a table topper with a scalloped border and a queen size quilt.

Need a summer skirt?  Need to look like you lost a few pounds?  Try the Simple Slimming Skirt Pattern.  With sizes from 6 to 18+, there are three style variations and the underskirt is optional.

Need a new purse to go with your new skirt?  Oh, you made two skirts?!  No problem!  Make one of Lizzie’s Reversible Bags and you have a different purse for each skirt!

Do you have an occassional table that you like to dress up and change with the seasons?   Seasoning The Table gives you seven options for appropriate table toppers.  Log cabin blocks grace the center of each and you can choose the layout.

This selection barely scratches the surface of Seams & Dreams quilt patterns….. there are dozens more.

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Summer Tote Bag Patterns

Summer is almost here!  You know you’ll be out and about…. shopping, picnics, parties, the beach, the lake, the woods…. whatever you have planned, you’ll have to bring “stuff” with you.  Treat yourself to a new tote bag to carry it all in.

The Four Star Tote bag measures 9″ x 12″.  Just right for a few magazines or a small quilting project.   The pattern is fat quarter friendly and easy to do – no zippers!

The Take-It-All Tote bag is big enough for everything!  If you pack smart you might even be able to use it for an overnight bag.  Measuring 30″ x 20″ you can fit a whole lot of quilt projects and supplies inside.

The Bag-Along is a lightweight lined bag that you can roll up and pack in your purse.  Keep it handy for those discount mall shopping trips.  You never know when you might need an extra (cute!) bag.

With pockets galore (there are TEN of them!!!) and a zipper closure, this Summer Tote will quickly become a favorite.   It’s by Lazy Girl Designs so you know you’ll learn a trick or two putting it together. 

Traveling light?  The Strappy Wallet has a place for bills, change, credit cards and a driver’s license.  There is also a pocket for a cell phone or iPod.  A handy strap means you can hang it on your wrist and have your hands free.

This is just a sampling.  If none of these is just right for you, check out the hundreds of bag and purse patterns available.

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Texture Magic

I have to admit, when I first heard about Texture Magic I was skeptical.  Texture Magic will tend to shrink the fabric you use with it by about 30%.   What?!  I want something that will cause my stash to grow not shrink!  But the results are so unusual.  It only takes a little bit to really add some pizzazz to any project.

If you’ve never used it, here’s some details.  It looks like a very thin curtain sheers, and is very wispy.   When you open the package and take your bit of “magic” out, it will have creases from being folded.  You’ll be tempted to iron it smooth.  DON’T!  And don’t worry about the wrinkles – they will all come out when you actually “activate” the “magic”.   So take your fabric and put the texture magic on the wrong side of the fabric.  If you want, for additional texture, you can add batting between the fabric and the texture magic.   Stitch on your fabric.  Have fun with it.  You can quilt straight lines, free motion meandering, or even one of your fancy stitches.   Then take it to the ironing board with the Texture Magic side up.  Set your iron to steam.   Holding your iron just above the Texture Magic steam the bejeepers out of it.  Steam, steam, steam.   Turn your piece over and see the “magic”.

Lisa’s Bag Purse Pattern is the quick and easy to make.   The flap and exterior pockets use Texture Magic to jazz it up.   It’s the perfect pattern to use to experiment with Texture Magic.

Texture Magic takes the Lizzie Purse Pattern by Claudia Atchison for Black Cat Creations from ordinary to extraordinary.   14″ x 9″ x 3.5″

Try Texture Magic once and you’ll come up with lots of ideas for using it.  Have fun!

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Purse and Bag Patterns – The Latest

Bobbi’s “Just Right” bag pattern, by Sweet Season Quilts, really is just the right size.  At 11″ x 10″ x 2″, it’s not too big and it’s not too small.   And it has pockets galore:  five interior pockets, a pouch pocket on the outside, and a convenient front pocket that zippers so you can keep your license and keys handy but safe.  Finish the top your way… with a zipper or a snap.

The Hampton Tote is big enough (14″ x 13″ x 6″) for your all day outings.  A little flair at the sides of the top, plus a few buttons add some personality.  This is a great place to use those novelty buttons you’ve been saving.  The pink is perfect for spring.   For a summer tote you could use lots of bright colors. 

Cami’s Tote is another generous sized bag.  It’s bigger than it looks – those sides open up!   It’s easy to make with lots of options to add, or not, you choose.  Choices include an easy-to-apply back zipper pocket, a roomy front pocket, and/or tons of interior compartments.  Finished size is 16″ x 13″ x 4.5″.

One more big one… the Village Bag will really show off that large scale print you haven’t wanted to cut into.  You knew you were saving it for just the right project, didn’t you?!   This one finishes at 13.5″ x 30″ – just right for tossing in a few file folders if you need to bring work home, or that stack of papers that you need to grade, or maybe your handwork project-to-go.

With all this toting, you are going to want to include a lunch bag. Ciara’s Munch bag can hold a few snacks or an entire lunch.  You can make it insulated or not.   And the best part is that is folds up small when you are finished…. just toss it in your tote bag. 

Well, that’s the latest we have to offer.  Start sewing now because spring is nearly here and you know you’re going to want to get out and roam…. and you’ll need a bag for all your essentials.  If none of these work for you there are plenty of other purse and bag patterns – lots of old favorites.

More Black Cat Creations Patterns by Claudia Atchison

(Don’t forget to leave a comment for another chance to win a pattern!)

Have you made any of these patterns?                                                                            

 Sunflower Farm has the look of a sampler quilt, but is really only four simple blocks.  The wool applique is free edged and held down with a few easy embroidery stitches.  Finishing at 75″ x 87″, whether you lay this quilt on a bed or hang it on a wall, it will brighten up the space.

The Trail Mix quilt pattern is made of a combination of oversized blocks and smaller accent blocks.  This pattern is perfect for the beginner; it will yield  quick, striking results.   At 72″ x 72″, it’s bigger than you’d think.  Use this pattern for teaching a friend to quilt.   If you are an old pro, you can whip up a couple of coordinating quilts for tossing on the couch and a chair in the family room.

On The Edge has an easy center so you can concentrate on the borders.  Use a panel fabric or a favorite fabric that you just haven’t been able to cut into.  Then select your border.  At 36″ x 45″ these make great baby shower gifts.

My Favorite Bag is a versatile pattern. There are three strap options – choose the one that works for you.  With lots of pockets all your ‘stuff’ will have a place.  The outside back has a 6″ x 8″ pocket.  The inside of the bag has double pockets on each side of the lining. These pocket can be divided to suit your needs and what you carry.   

Will you be adding any of these to your ‘must-do’ list?