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Claudia Atchison, A Black Cat Creations Designer

Claudia has been sewing nearly all her life.  She was making her own clothes by the age of 12, so I wonder how old she was when she actually took her first stitch! 

Claudia’s patterns aren’t just for quilts.  She has several purse and bag patterns. 

I hate to pick favorites, but isn’t this just the cutest?!?!  Texture Magic gives those flowers some texture and makes them pop.  You’ll love carrying this Lizzie bag around.  

Here’s a great idea.  The Quick Change Bag pattern is for a reversible bag with a separate lining.   Pull out the lining, reverse the bag, replace the lining.  Ready to go!

And Claudia’s patterns aren’t just for cotton.  Her “Yard” patterns are table runners of beautiful flowers.  They are designed for wool, which gives a beautiful three dimensional quality to the finished piece. 

Hand embroidery and beading create additional interest on A Yard of Roses.  This quilt measures 10″ x 36″ when finished.

But, never fear, Claudia DOES have quilt patterns too.  And not boring, same old same old patterns.   Her quilt patterns are not each like the other.  Some of them are bold and graphic.

Sunflower Farm is a good example.  The design is striking, yet fairly easy to construct.  Four basic blocks and some simple applique… before you know it you’ll be snuggling under this quilt dreaming of Spring.

Ramblin’ Rose is another one of the bold, graphic designs and I’m excited to be making it over the next couple weeks…. I’ll share progress with you.

And then there are the beautiful, gently graceful quilts, such as Morning Star

Flowers in varying shades of purple flow across an ever so subtle pieced background.   Before adding the beads to embellish the flowers it might be fun to do a little free motion quilting on the flowers and leaves. 

So there’s a peek at a bit of what Claudia Atchison is all about. Be sure to check back with us over the next two weeks.   We’ll be posting an interview with Claudia and some pictures of where she creates, there will be progess on Ramblin’ Rose to report, we’ll look at some more patterns, and of course a giveaway!

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Suzi Purse Insert & More Pattern

Need pockets?   The Suzi Purse Insert & More Pattern will fill that need.  Works in any Lazy Girl bags that use the Bag-E-Bottoms insert.  Or put it on your counter, your desk, your dresser top, your drawer, in your sewing or crafting area.  Anywhere you need pockets.  Then you just fill the pockets.

Comes in two sizes: Medium 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 3″ and Large 8.5″ x 4.5″ x3, both sizes are fully lined with both inside and outside pockets.

Look at all this stuff!  All necessary of course, but can you imagine all this stuffed in your purse and trying to find what you needed.

No problem… everything fits, you can see it all and get to it easily.  You can use the Suzi in a purse or bag that fits it snugly or in a bigger bag or purse which will leave room for a larger item next to it like a water bottle or a book or ???

The Suzi is easy to make…. like all of Lazy Girl Designs.  There’s always a tip or trick to learn that us Lazies love.   Just two or three fat quarters and a bit of fusible interfacing and you have your first Suzi made up in no time, and be planning your second, third….  

You can order now for shipment in mid-November.  That’s right around the corner! 

New Lazy Girl Design – Lily Pocket Purse Pattern

The Lily Pocket Purse Pattern is the newest from Lazy Girl Designs and is available for pre-order with a special label for all pre-orders!   A modest sized shoulder bag, it’s perfect for everyday use with plenty of pockets for everything you need to carry.

Soft curves, pleats and a wide band give this bag a flirty, feminine look.  The handle can be made long (42″) or medium (27″) depending on your purse carrying style.  Velcro closures are easy to install and easy to use. Joan Hawley promises she made the pattern “lazy” just like always.


The interior boasts two large pockets, a pen pocket and then lots of extra room because of the pleats.  Look closely and you’ll get a peek at the label you’ll receive when you order early.


 And two more pockets on the back… one large enough for a cell phone or little notebook, and one that will hold a pen or your lipgloss.

Four fun and fabulous prints are all you need to make the most of Lily.

1/3 yd of two main cover fabrics
1/2 yd handle and pockets
1/4 yd waistband

For a more varied look, use a handful of fat quarters. Keep in mind that you’ll need to piece the handle to the desired length when working with smaller cuts of fabric.

 And remember, all pre-orders receive a Lazy Girl Designs woven sew-in designer label.  Orders are expected to ship in mid-September.  Shipping on this one pattern is only $1.99.  So what are you waiting for?!  Order now and soon you’ll be running around town in style!


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The Latest Purse and Bag Patterns

 These four patterns are some of the newest for purses and bags at QuiltersWarehouse. 

 Prairie Charm Point is a fun pattern.  Done in red, white and blue, the prairie points look like festive bunting.   Using a lower contrast background would tone things down a bit if you aren’t quite in a party mood.  The points are also great for displaying decorative pins.


         So cute and so fun you’ll be tempted to make just One More Bag.  Foundation piecing makes this one easy.  You can “showcase” all your different scraps.  Finishes at 8 x 10.5 x 3.5


Erica’s Bag is the first pattern from Purse-O-Nalities of Palm Harbor to feature grommets.  They give a different look, nice and clean, and you see them popping up all over these days.  This bag has a roomy patch pocket on the front, a zipper pocket on the back, and lots of pockets inside.



Maddie’s Bag is easy to make tote (15″ x 12″ x 3.5″) that leaves you with lots of ways to personalize it just for you.  The top band is perfect for a bit of embroidery or applique.



These next two aren’t new but they sure are cute!  And now is the time to get a jump on them!

The Santa and the Snowman Gift Bags are a clever way to wrap up any little gift…. ingredients for cookies, flavored popcorn, homemade donuts.  Use your imagination and have some fun.  This could the start of a tradition in your family.  Everyone will look forward to their “bag gift” and wonder what surprise is inside!

As you know, there are a gazillion (well maybe just hundreds) more purse and bag patterns to see at QuiltersWarehouse.  Happy browsing!

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More New Bag Patterns

Several new Purse and Bag Patterns have become available the last several weeks.  In case you missed them, here they are again all in one place….


 The Juliet Bag Pattern is so very cute in the black and white polka dots fabrics… love it!  It would be just as cute with a pink bow and a green bottom, or maybe navy and white.   By Me and My Sisters Designs, it measures 16″ x 25″.


Heidi Lynn’s Honey Tote pattern is designed to use Honey Bun 1.5″ strips.  Of course, you can use your scraps or favorite team colors.  This bag measures 12.5″ x 14″ and includes instructions for 6 pockets.


Joan Hawley designed the Margo Handbag.  Like all the Lazy Girl Design patterns, this one includes lots of pockets… 2 outside and 6 inside.  Learn a new technique for installing a zipper – the Dip-Down Zip-Top!  Joan’s instructions are always clear and easy, but if you don’t want to use a zipper there’s instructions for completing the bag without one.


The Carolina Carry All is a feminie, flirty purse that measures 15″ x 11″ x 7″ and is just the right size for the Porta Pockets or the Encore Purse Insert.  It has two secret hidden pockets inside.

More Bag and Purse Patterns (hundreds more!) can be found at QuiltersWarehouse. 

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The Latest Purse Patterns

Are you hooked on patterns for bags and purses? Here are the latest designs.

The Bow’led Over Bag has lots of personality. A big, beautiful bag that is quick and easy to make… what more could you ask for?! Roomy exterior side pockets and a fully lined interior with more pockets. Finished size is 13″ wide by 12″ high by 4″ deep.

Perfect for a stop at the store on your way home from work, the Go To Market Bag can also be used for so much more. The library, the beach, or toss in a quilting project for travel. Pattern includes instructions for two sizes: 12″ x 14″ x 7″ and 11″ x 12″ x 6″.

Kathleen’s Karry-It-All really can carry it all AND keep it all organized. The exterior has two roomy side pockets, a covered front pocket, and a back zippered pocket. Inside you’ll find more pockets. And see those cute ties on the side? They are not just pretty; they are functional too! Loosen them up and your bag will expand to hold even more.

Lisa’s Bag is quick and easy to make. Like all the bags from Purse-O-Nalities of Palm Harbor there are pockets both inside and out. This pattern is perfect for quilted accents or using Texture Magic.

These are just the latest patterns, but browse through the rest.There are hundreds of purse patterns and bag patterns available… how can you stop at one?!