Facebook First Friday – What’s The Deal?

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month and as always there will be a special for all our Facebook Fans.  Just “like” us on Facebook and you’ll never miss the coupon code for any of the Facebook First Friday special deals. 

This month the special is FREE SHIPPING to US addresses!  The more you buy, the more you save!

Let’s go on a virtual shopping trip.  You could buy, say, this Caribbean Star quilt pattern

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?  Paper foundation piecing will enable you to create perfect star points with ease.  Finishing at 21″ square this makes a beautiful wall hanging.   So purchase this pattern and you save some money because the shipping is FREE! to US addresses.

But, why stop there?  Doesn’t this quilt make you yearn for batiks? 

All of the Batik Cascades fade from very dark to very light across the width of fabric.  This essentially gives you several shades of color in each piece.   

Patina Handpaints are available in blue, in green, and in blue/green with an allover mottled shading of vivid color. 

Okay, so now you have a pattern, and a few yards of batiks in your cart.  You’re buying more so you’re saving more on shipping . . . . ‘cuz it’s FREE! to US addresses.

Let’s keep going.  When you finish your quilt top you’re going to need some batting.  Quilters Dream Cotton Batting is available in several sizes, from craft size (46″ x 36″) to King size (122″ x 122″), and in four different lofts.   Made from 100% cotton, it’s specially processed so you can quilt up to 8″ apart.

Or, do you prefer Quilters Dream Poly Batting?   Made with an exclusive blend of revolutionary microfibers giving it exceptional drape, breathability and comfort.    This batting is resistant to bunching and shifting, so you can quilt up to 12″ apart.

Can’t decide?  One of each then.  So now you have in your cart one pattern, a few yards of fabric, and two packages of batting.  Wow.  You are really going save lots…. ‘cuz the shipping is FREE! to US addresses.

Head on over to our Facebook page and get the coupon code.   As always, this deal will be available from Friday morning through the end of the weekend.   Shop and save!

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