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Flying Geese With The Greatest of Ease

Flying Geese blocks are such a basic block and can be found in so many quilts.  If you make yours by cutting the rectangle part and then sewing little squares to each end, you know that you wind up with lots and lots of triangles that are usually wasted material.   Then, of course, there is the math.  Ugh!

Well, no more!  The Flying Geese (times 4!) No Math Ruler by Lazy Girl Designs allows you to make Flying Geese in just a few easy steps.  I tried it the other day . . .

I wanted to make Flying Geese that were 2.5″ x 5″ finished size – on the ruler that’s “H”.  The first step was to cut one square of the geese fabric using the solid H lines as a guide.

Next, I needed to cut four squares of the background fabric (the corner color) using the dash lines marked with the “H”.   No math; just use the lines and cut! 

Sew two little squares in opposite corners of the large square, 1/4″ from the center on each side. 

Cut apart right down the center.

Press open.  You get these funky heart shape pieces.

Sew the remaining small squares to the bottom of the “heart”, then cut. (In the picture my “hearts” are upside down.)

And just like that, right-quick, lickety-split, four perfect Flying Geese!  No need to trim to size.  Just knock off those dog ears and the old geese are ready for a block.

I made a star. 

I make a lot of stars so this ruler will really come in handy!

Before I knew it, I had a quilt . . .


The Flying Geese X 4 ruler was really easy to use.   A shorthand version of the instructions is printed right on the ruler.  Also included is a printout with detailed instructions for making Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles and Quarter Square Triangles. . . . all with NO MATH.  All you need to know is the finished size you want.  SO much easier on the brain!  Leave your brain free for the creative tasks.

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  • Wow no math ruler! That sounds like a winner to me :-)

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