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Four Patch Quilt Patterns – Simply Creative

The four patch quilt block is probably the first block many of us learned to make.  Such a simple, easy block with so much potential!  Here are some patterns that make use of the four patch.

Rainbow Cuddler alternates four patch blocks with large square of fabric to create several diagonal rows of color.  Quick and easy to make, you can keep the rainbow theme or use favorite colors or even the colors of a favorite sports team.



 Carrie Nation ’02 sets four patch blocks on point and gives this queen size quilt lots of motion.   Since stars are also an incidental part of the design, red white and blue fabrics would be another great option for this quilt.



Two color hearts appliqued to two color blocks alternate with four patch blocks in Four Patch Hearts.  Instructions are included for several sizes… small, twin, double and king.


Flow Blue – Charm looks complicated but it’s not!  Four patches and half square triangles are all need.  Perfect for charms squares with lots of darks and medium.  Then add your favorite light background.  Play with other colorways.  1930′s prints would make this a cheery quilt.  Or all pinks for a little girl.


Four On The Floor is so quick and easy!  Rows of four patches set on point are alternated with a row fabric.  The designer used Look Learn Playtime but you can use any that you like. If you don’t have a favorite row fabric, stripes would be a fun alternative.

Who knew learning to make a four patch would open so many creative doors? Browse through some more quilt patterns on your own and see what other simple blocks turn into fabulous quilt patterns.

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