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Lil’ Ducky, You’re The One!

Have you seen the new Lil’ Ducky quilt fabrics?  Caleb Gray designed them for Robert Kaufman fabrics and they are just so cute!


Lil’ Ducky Yellow has a pale yellow background with clouds and raindrops is covered with bright yellow little ducks dancing in the rain, using pretty blue umbrellas (both sucessfully and not!), swimming in puddles and walking around with galoshes and a rain hat. 



There are two coordinating blues.  Lil’ Ducky Summer has lots of squares in varied shades of blue.  If you look closely you’ll see that some of the squares seem to sparkle. Sun hitting water from rain?


The other blue is Lil’ Ducky Blue Bubbles and it’s just that…. blue bubbles in different sizes and different shades on a light blue background.  And sparkles are scattered among the bubbles.


And don’t miss Lil’ Ducky With Umbrellas… a white background covered with different colored umbrellas.  Each umbrella has three different shades of its color, adding to the fun look of this fabric.



Now all you need is a baby quilt pattern.  Rock-A-Bye Baby is a simple one – nice and easy and quick - you’ll have a baby snuggled up with those ducks in no time.


Puppy Love Baby Quilt and Diaper Bag would look great with ducks instead of puppies.  Nice easy projects but with great looking results… really showcase those cute duckies.   These two would make a perfect baby shower gift.


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