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Quilters Dream Batting can be Green

What do you look for in a batting?   Quality is important, of course.  The ability to machine wash and dry your quilts without worrying about excessive shrinkage is always a plus.  You want your needle to glide through nicely.  Quilters Dream Green is all of that, plus it’s wrinkle resistant.  Sounds like a dream already, doesn’t it. 

But that’s not all!  It’s GREEN too!   It’s made from recycled bottles.  Every pound of Quilters Dream Green Batting keeps 10 plastic bottles from our landfills.  Think of it – you can quilt away enjoying yourself AND know that you are helping the environment. 

Here’s how many bottles you will be keeping from the landfills with each size….

 Description      Size         Bottles kept from landfill

Craft           46” X 36”           3.5 bottles
Crib             46” X 60”           5.5 bottles
Throw          60” X 60”           7 bottles
Twin            93” X 72”          13 bottles
Double         96” X 72”          17 bottles
Queen        108” X  93”          24 bottles
King           122” X 122”         28 bottles

Isn’t that great?!  So get quilting and saving the environment. 

Of course, Quilters Dream Batting  is sold in many different styles and sizes and lofts and….

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