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Quilting Tools of the Trade

Are you new to quilting?  Always wanted to quilt but just haven’t taken the plunge yet?  Not sure what you need to get started?    Here’s a start on the tools of the trade.  While you don’t HAVE to have these items, they sure make the job easier.  Rather like a carpenter who can do the job with a hand saw, a screw driver and a hammer.  But he will have a much easier time of it if he has access to a power saw, power drill, and power nail driver.  The right tools make any job easier.

The only “power” tools you’ll need are the sewing machine and an iron.  Beyond that, three additional items will really help.

First, you need to cut, so you need a Rotary Cutter.  There are a few different styles available.  This one is comfortable if  you do a lot of cutting.  It can be locked in the safety position, but the safety position is the default.  Squeeze the handle and the blade is out and ready to cut; let go of the handle and the blade retracts. 



 Next, you need a ruler to guide your rotary cutter.  The Creative Grids 6.5″ x 24.5″ is an excellent all purpose ruler.  It has grippers on the bottom to help prevent sliding, and has plenty of clear markings for inch, half-inch and more (or should I say less ;)  ).  It even has angle markings that you can use until you start collecting specialty rulers.


 Third, you need something to cut on, so you need a mat.  Mats come in a few different sizes.  If you plan to make more than one quilt (and who wouldn’t?! – you’ll catch the bug!), the large 24″ x 36″ mat is well worth the investment.  It’s so much easier to cut your fabric if you can cut it the same way it comes off the bolt, instead of folding more to fit your mat.


That’s it.  These three important tools will prove to be invaluable to you in your quilting endeavors.  So start here.  You’ll discover many more tools that will help along the way, but you will always use these.

Happy quilting!

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